Canal March

Dante's Comedy (I): Dante and his world

José María Micó

For the poet, musician, translator and professor of literature José María Micó, the Comedy is "the most extraordinary book in European literature" due to the circumstances of its creation. This first session of the cycle is dedicated to the analysis of the figure and period of its author, Dante Alighieri (Florence, c. 1265–Ravenna, 1321). The political situation and the society of Dante's time, with the religious contest between Guelphs and Ghibellines, are key to the understanding of the work. The lecturer will deal with biographical issues, such as the exile of the poet or the character of Beatrice, and other texts referring to the Comedy: numerical symbolism, the literary invention of a language and a strophe, the chained tercet, or the origin of the added epithet of "divine"—starting with Boccaccio—which gave the work its title.

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