Canal March

Dante's "Comedy" (II): The Inferno

José María Micó

In this second session of the cycle dedicated to his Comedy, Dante begins his allegorical journey—begun in the year 1300—which will last a week. In his descent to Hell, the Florentine poet will be guided by Virgil, considered as "the greatest of the epic poets and also the most Christian of the pagan poets" in the words of the lecturer José María Micó. Composed of nine circular steps in the form of an inverted cone, the dantesque Hell is described circle by circle, the first is the limbo and the second to ninth circles house the sinners, arranged according to the gravity of their guilt and those who are punished as "counter-steps". In addition, Dante meets characters, real or fictitious, such as Paolo and Francesca, Brunetto Latini, Ulysses or Count Ugolino.

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