Canal March

Dante's "Comedy" (III): Purgatory and Paradise

José María Micó

In this last lecture of the cycle dedicated to his Comedy, Dante continues his journey with the ascent of the mountain of Purgatory, the last stretch he makes with Virgil, where the souls purify their sins. The poem concludes with the meeting of Dante and his beloved Beatrice, who begin their journey through Paradise, divided into nine concentric heavens that revolve around the earth and inhabited by spirits that manifest themselves before Dante's vision as lights in the form of allegorical figures such as the cross or the imperial eagle. The Florentine poet will find, in this final journey, the characters of Statius and Matelda, Justinian, Cacciaguida and Adam, to culminate, through the intercession of St. Bernard, with the contemplation of the final vision, a mystical and enlightening experience that—in the expression of José María Micó—supposes "union with God, also the understanding of the world".

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