Canal March

The interest in and relevance of Nietzsche’s philosophy today

Diego Sánchez Meca

Diego Sánchez Meca, Professor of Contemporary Philosophy at the UNED, analyses how and why Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy is "a philosophy of freedom" and argues about how this sense of freedom motivated his analyses of European culture, particularly its morals and politics. Nietzsche's eflection on freedom starts from his study of the Greek tragedies, from which he draws the conclusion that, just as the hero resists fate, the exercise of human freedom and "our actions and our omissions can change the world". Taking as his starting point the Darwinian approach to morality from the scientific mode, the German philosopher and philologist proposed the overcoming of the European and Western "old morality" by a morality of self-ovecoming and the ethics of singularity.

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