Canal March

The Portico of Glory: Vision, setting and legend

Manuel Antonio Castiñeiras González

Manuel Antonio Castiñeiras González, Professor of History of Medieval Art at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, presents the most outstanding aspects of the works of the Cathedral of Santiago in the last third of the 12th century, focusing on the modification of the western door. These interventions by Master Mateo modified the topography of the temple, facilitating the circulation of the pilgrims and their interaction with the apostle Saint James, who appeared twice, with two statues: one located in the Portico, to receive the pilgrims, and the other on the main altar. The Portico of Glory—formerly called the Portico of the Trinity and conceived as "the antechamber of the Kingdom of Heaven", in the words of the speaker—soon became an artistic reference, worthy of the admiration of its contemporaries. The last part of the conference describes the sculptural ensemble and the various interpretations of the figure of Master Mateo.

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