Canal March

Cosmic music. Contemplating and listening to the universe: Constellations and galaxies

Sonor Ensemble. Gudrun Ólafsdóttir, mezzosoprano, and Luis Aguirre, conductor

Works by E. Morales-Caso, S. Mariné, Á. Gallego, G. Jiménez, F. Jusid and J. Á. León

Asteroid B-612 was the place where The Little Prince came from. From there, the character of Saint-Exupéry would contemplate up to 43 sunsets a day just by moving his chair. He could also see constellations like Cassiopeia, nebulae like Orion or galaxies like Andromeda, and yet he knew that the essential is invisible to the eye—but perhaps not to the ear. This concert, which includes six world premieres accompanied by images selected and provided by the Science Communication and Outreach Unit (UC3) of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, proposes a cosmic walk that explores the universe with sound, interacting with astronomy, literature and mythology.

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