Canal March

Maimonides, between Philosophy and Medicine

Mariano Gómez Aranda

Mariano Gómez Aranda, scientific researcher at the Department of Jewish and Islamic Studies of the CSIC, analyses the biography and work of philosopher, lawyer, doctor and rabbi Moisés ben Maimón, Maimónides (Córdoba, 1138–Fustat, Egypt, 1204).  With his Guía de perplejos [Guide for the Perplexed], a masterpiece of philosophy originally written in Arab- Maimonides intended "to make Aristotle's scientific and philosophical theories compatible with the fundamental texts of the Jewish religion", says the lecturer. To this end, he proposed an allegorical interpretation of the Bible. In this work, which was the object of controversy and division among the Jewish communities of his time, Maimonides also questioned the cosmological systems of Aristotle and Ptolemy, considering them inconclusive. As a physician, the Jewish intellectual wrote about a dozen works on particular diseases. 

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