Canal March

The word of poetry

Andres Sánchez Robayna

Poetics and Poetry

When and why do we read poetry?, asks Andrés Sánchez Robayna (Las Palmas, 1952) in his lecture on the role of the poetic word and the scope of poetry in our society. For him, poetry is "the word capable of giving us, in all its strength, the real, the existing (...) it is a matter of knowing, or recognizing, what language tells us about being and the world beyond all concepts". Next, the Canarian poet and translator offers a brief commented reading of his poems, from the books Clima (1978), La roca (1984), El libro, tras la duna (2002) and Por el gran mar (2019), among others. Finally, he reads the unpublished poem "El umbral" (The Threshold), which is dedicated to Antoni Tàpies.

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