Canal March

Beethoven: Permanent change (IV)

Rachel Podger, violin and Christopher Glynn, piano 

Sonatas for violin and piano by L. van Beethoven

Dedicated to Salieri, the first three sonatas for violin and piano Op. 12 by Beethoven were described as strange and difficult. In the Sonata No. 1 in D major the piano still shows a greater audacity than the violin. The three sonatas Op. 30 were written in the moment of personal crisis when Beethoven became aware of his deafness. Sharp and incisive music resounds in the Sonata in C minor Op. 30 no. 2. The Sonata in F major Op. 30 no. 1 has however its major attraction in the progressive ornamental transformations of the second movement "Adagio molto espressivo".

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