Canal March

Historia y tradición en torno al Apóstol Santiago

Ofelia Rey Castelao

Ofelia Rey Castelao, Professor of Modern History at the University of Santiago de Compostela, presents some of the results of the research—based on the analysis of documentary sources of the modern age—that have allowed her to confront historical data with the traditions surrounding the cult of the apostle Saint James. The lecturer presents different historical episodes about the legitimisation of the tradition and the apostolic relics of the cathedral of Santiago, such as the arrival of the Catholic Kings to the city of Compostela, or the juridical struggle for the Vow of Santiago and the payment of its rents in different Hispanic towns and cities. Likewise, Professor Rey Castelao presents testimonies of importat personalities of the time—for or against the Jacobean tradition—such as Erasmus of Rotterdam, Martin Luther, Ambrosio de Morales and Juan de Mariana.

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