Canal March

Moratín and his time

Fernando Doménech, presentation. Alejandro Saá, Chema Adeva, Isabel Dimas and Isabel Madolell, dramatized readings. Ernesto Caballero, theatrical direction

Fernando Doménech, professor of Drama at the RESAD, analyses the figure of the writer, first an apprentice jeweller and then a professional translator, Leandro Fernández de Moratín (Madrid, 1760–Paris, 1828), recounting—through his chronicles, letters and diaries—his travels through Europe and the historical episodes in which he was involved, from the French Revolution to his exile in Bordeaux. Moratín's character was marked by the search for moderation and balance "between the old and the modern, between Spanishism and openness towards European currents", in the words of the speaker. To illustrate several outstanding chapters of Moratín's life, the lecture was interspersed with a dramatized reading of the play Leandro o la búsqueda del equilibrio [Leandro or the Search for Balance] by Ernesto Caballero, represented by the actors Alejandro Saá, Chema Adeva, Isabel Dimas and Isabel Madolell.

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