Canal March

Moratín and the theatre

Fernando Doménech, presentation. Alejandro Saá, Chema Adeva, Isabel Dimas and Isabel Madolell, dramatized readings. Ernesto Caballero, theatre direction

Fernando Doménech, Professor of Dramatic Arts at RESAD, analyses the theatrical legacy of the enlightened playwright Leandro Fernández de Moratín, who was a passionate theatregoer on his travels around Europe and in exile in France. He was a translator of Shakespeare (Hamlet) and Molière (The School for Husbands and The Doctor in Spite of Himself) and the author of five original plays, including the 1804 premiere of El sí de las niñas [A Girl's Yes]. Several of the recurring themes of Moratín's theatre, such as unequal marriages or neo-classical sentimentality and education, are illustrated by the dramatised reading of three scenes taken from three Moratín comedies—La comedia nueva, El viejo y la niña and La mojigata, in that order—performed by the actors Alejandro Saá, Chema Adeva, Isabel Dimas and Isabel Madolell, directed by Ernesto Caballero. Moratín is also remembered for being one of the first playwrights to vindicate the figure of the stage director.

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