Canal March

Conrado del Campo's Piano Quintet

Brodsky Quartet (Gina McCormack and Ian Belton, violin, Paul Cassidy, viola and Jacqueline Thomas, cello) and Martin Roscoe, piano

Piano Quintet in E major, by Conrado del Campo

Conrado del Campo was a crucial figure in Spanish musical creation in the first half of the 20th century. In his unparalleled catalogue, his chamber music repertoire stands out, which includes fifteen string quartets and a quintet with piano, largely unknown for their technical difficulty and for not having been published before. His Piano Quintet in E major, with the subtitle "Episode of a combative and painful life", composed against the background of the Civil War (c.1939) and premiered in 1953, was first performed in modern times by the Brodsky Quartet and pianist Martin Roscoe in this concert.

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