Canal March

Averroes, the Andalusian philosopher who broke new ground in medieval thought

Andrés Martínez Lorca

The Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of the UNED, Andrés Martínez Lorca, reviews the different aspects of Averroes' thought. The fame of this wise man from Cordoba in the Arab-Islamic world was fundamentally owed to his work as a jurist; although he did not go so far as to exercise as a philosopher, he did so as a doctor, within the tradition of the Hippocratic-Galenic school. Averroes' name is linked to that of Aristotle, who—as the speaker suggests—"penetrates the West through Averroes' comments". The last part of the lecture is dedicated to the influence of the Andalusian philosopher on medieval Christian thought and the first Renaissance. Among his followers stand out the Dominican Albert the Great and his disciple Thomas Aquinas, and the Latin Averroists, with the prominent figure of Marsile of Padua.

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