Canal March

José Luis Sampedro: "I have tried all my life to be an apprentice of myself"

José Luis Sampedro in dialogue with Olga Lucas

The economist, writer and member of the Royal Spanish Academy, José Luis Sampedro (Barcelona, 1917–Madrid, 2013) reviewed his life and intellectual career in dialogue with his wife, writer and translator Olga Lucas. In this session of Intellectual Autobiography, Sampedro discussed topics such as his childhood and adolescence in Tangiers, Cihuela (Soria) and Aranjuez, his work in the ministries of Finance and Trade, his time as a professor of Economics and his development as a writer, especially in the genre of the novel. He also reflected on university education, the benefits of economy or the situation in Europe Sampedro affirms that in order to "live adequately we need freedom, to think on our own, and to command our own lives.”

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