Canal March

Góngora's work and the poetic context of her time

José María Micó

Professor of Spanish Literature, poet and translator José María Micó analyzes the poetic creation of Luis de Góngora (Córdoba, 1561-1627). To examine the evolution of his style in the context of the poetry of the Golden Age, the lecturer reads and comments - in chronological order - several of the so-called "minor poems" of the Cordovan writer and refers to several of his contemporaries and competitors, such as Lope de Vega and Francisco de Quevedo. Poems, like the sonnet "De un caminante enfermo que se enamoró donde fue hospedado" (1594), foreshadow several of the themes and resources of Góngora's "major poems", which were analyzed in the second session of this series of lectures.

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