Canal March

The irascibles: for the second time

The story of a frustrated exhibition: that of the artists who protested in 1950 because their work was not on display in the museum—and half a century later it is on display but cannot be seen because of the pandemic—and the story of their redemption. With a format closer to video-essays than to documentaries, the curators of the exhibition The Irascibles: Painters Against the Museum. New York, 1950—along with artists Luis Gordillo, Juan de Sande, José Manuel Ballester, Timothy Grenfield-Sanders, and Lore Munk—reflect on the empty exhibition and on the artists of the New York School who, before becoming the most sought-after in the world, participated in a protest against the Metropolitan Museum. A portrait of these artists-Pollock, Rothko, Reinhardt, Newman, De Kooning, and ten more-would become the canonical portrait of American abstract expressionism.