Canal March

The Irascibles: For the Second Time

Lara Síscar interviews Inés Vallejo, Beatriz Cordero, Manuel Fontán del Junco and Javi Álvarez

The journalist Lara Siscar talks to the curators of the exhibition The Irascibles. Painters Against the Museum. New York, 1950, which opened on March 6, 2021 at the Fundación Juan March and had to be cancelled six days after its inauguration. This unique circumstance—the exhibition of a group of works by artists who protested in 1950 precisely because they were not exhibited, and who half a century later are exhibited but cannot be seen—is the starting point for a visual experiment that constitutes the first episode of a new series of audiovisual essays, La cara B. In this session the video-essay is presented, followed by a conversation with Manuel Fontán del Junco, also curator of the exhibition, and Javier Álvarez, Art Director and composer in the film.

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