Canal March

Sunlight (I): The sun and its light: the education of sight

Álvaro Galmés Cerezo

Álvaro Galmés Cerezo, architect, writer and plastic artist, begins this conference by going back to medieval philosophical conceptions about light: lux, or source of light, lumen, or light in its expansion in space, and splendor, or color. Of the three, the lumen, as a "source of joy" and in its capacity to modify "our state of mind after hours", will be the one that will occupy the main space of the lecture, until when arriving at the Trecento, a conception of beauty crystallizes in art, no longer only linked to spirituality, but also to the natural. However, it is the reflection of the course of time in the light the true object of interest of Professor Galmés, who carefully presents how light, according to the hours, changes the texture of things, as exemplified by the series of paintings that Monet dedicated to the cathedral of Rouen at the end of the nineteenth century.

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