Canal March

Sunlight (II): Sunlight in art: The hours of the day

Álvaro Galmés Cerezo

In this second session of the cycle dedicated to the light of the sun, architect, writer and plastic artist, Álvaro Galmés Cerezo, makes a journey through the hours of the day, by the hand of art and literature. The speaker begins by commenting on the first lights, those of dawn and dawn, passing through the intensity of the sun's rays at midday and ending with the moment that has been called by artists and photographers "the painter's hour", "the sweet hour" or "the magic hour", just before the sun goes down. Professor Galmés Cerezo refers to texts by Octavio Paz, Juan Ramón Jiménez or Juan Rulfo, to paintings by Edward Hopper, Paul Klee or Vincent van Gogh, and to films by Terrence Malick, among other references.

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