Canal March

Cicero: the philosopher who loved politics

Francisco Pina Polo, speaker. José María Pou, dramatized readings

"Marco Tulio Cicero was a political animal in the Aristotelian sense of the term", with these words Francisco Pina Polo, Professor of Ancient History at the University of Zaragoza, begins this profile of one of the best speakers of his time. Cicero was a "homo novus", educated in law, politics and rhetoric, and a prodigal writer who addressed in his works multiple themes, such as eloquence, friendship, divinity, death or immortality, where he also exhorted his own figure and condemned those of his enemies. Some extracts of these texts are dramatized by the actor Josep María Pou, who concludes with a brief fragment of Old Friend Cicero (Ernesto Caballero) where Cicero's own death is described.

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