Canal March

The Viennese classics: Piano sonatas

Mario Mora, Noelia Rodiles and Martin James Bartlett

Works by W. A. Mozart, F. J. Haydn and L. van Beethoven

From the end of the eighteenth century, sonata form has been at the epicentre of Western art music. In its classical configuration, the work of three composers based in Vienna would be decisive: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart composed his Sonata in D major KV 311 in 1777 to demonstrate his talents as a virtuoso. Haydn composed his Sonata in E flat major Hob. XVI/52 for Thérèse Janen in 1795. And Beethoven composed his Sonata Op. 31 no. 3 in the early years of the nineteenth century, with a series of developments that heralded the end of Classicism.

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