Canal March

Rodolfo Halffter: Homenaje a Antonio Machado Op. 13

Juan Carlos Garvayo, piano

Homenaje a Antonio Machado Op. 13, by Rodolfo Halffter

Homenaje a Antonio Machado Op. 13 is one of the works of Rodolfo Halffter's early Mexican exile. Written in 1944, it was commissioned by the Spanish Cultural Board in the North American country and in it Rodolfo comments musically on Machado's verses from Campos de Castilla and Soledades: a work inheriting the hybrid style of pre-war Rodolfo, its "condensed sonata" structure in four movements is a "reflection of poetic feeling" and testimony to a "certain spiritual affinity" with the Andalusian poet, in the composer's own words.

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