Canal March

History of food in Spain (I): The food that came from the East

María de los Ángeles Pérez Samper

In this journey through the history of food in Spain through the foods and recipes passed down from different eras and cultures, Professor of Modern History María de los Ángeles Pérez Samper analyzes the influences of the cuisines of Ancient Rome (bread, bread, puls, garum), the Jewish world (adafina, maimon bun) and the Islamic world (couscous, asïda, meatballs, almojábanas) and their assimilation into Christian cuisine (paella, pickled eggplants, confectionery). The lecturer also reviews "the plants that came from the East", including cereals such as rice, fruits such as citrus fruits, vegetables such as eggplants and spinach, and sugar cane.

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