Canal March

The 19th-century Spanish piano: Martín Sánchez Allú

Noelia Rodiles, piano

Works by M. Sánchez Allú, W. A. Mozart and F. Mendelssohn

Few musicians in Spain in the period of Queen Isabel II tackled such diverse genres as did Martín Sánchez Allú (1823-1858), with a career halfway between his native Salamanca and the Spanish capital. This concert interweaves some of his main piano works with Mozart and Mendelssohn, two central figures in his aesthetic conception. In addition, two interpretative practices common at the time are recovered in this recording: the introduction of a work with improvised preludes (with two excamples taken from a collection published by Sánchez Allúi himself) and free ornamentation during the performance (in the case of Mozart's Sonata, from a manuscript belonging to the Spanish composer).

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