Canal March

19th-century Spanish piano: fantasies 

Alberto Urroz, piano

Works by M. Sánchez Allú, F. Chopin, J. B. Pujol, F. Liszt and L. van Beethoven

The predominance of opera in nineteenth-century musical life was reflected in the piano, which played a key role in its dissemination. The piano's versatility made it an optimal medium for transferring the most famous operatic numbers to both domestic settings and concert hall stages. In this concert we find examples aimed at satisfying the needs of all audiences: from dance pieces on fashionable rhythms and melodies of easy consumption aimed at meeting the demands of the amateur pianist with the Tanda de valses sobre "El valle de Andorra" de Gaztambide Op. 37 by Sánchez Allú or the brilliant Vals brillante Op. 16 "Recreation" by Juan Bautista Pujol, to fantasies that require a pianist of significant technique such as the Fantasía dramática sobre motivos de "Beatrice di Tenda" de Bellini Op. 26 by Sánchez Allú.

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