Canal March

Boccherini and Goya: Quartet G 191 and The Family of the Infante Don Luis

Quiroga Quartet (Aitor Hevia and Cibrán Sierra, violin; Josep Puchades, viola, and Helena Poggio, cello)

Quartet in E flat major Op. 24 No. 3, G 191 by Luigi Boccherini

In the summers of 1783 and 1784, Boccherini and Goya met at the Palace of La Mosquera, located in Arenas de San Pedro. In this town of Avila, the Infante Don Luis, whom Carlos III had ordered to stay away from the court, had settled there. The aristocrat, protector of painter and musician, would have this Quartet Op. 24 No. 3, which Boccherini had composed between 1776 and 1778 and which, with its three movements, departs from the canonical form established by Haydn, played in his salons.

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