Canal March

Boccherini y Goya: La Tirana

Cuarteto Quiroga. Aitor Hevia and Cibrán Sierra, violins; Josep Puchades, viola, and Helena Poggio, cello.

Luigi Boccherini: Quartet in G major Op. 44 No. 4, G 223, "La Tirana"

In 1792, Luigi Boccherini composed his Quartet Op. 44 No. 4, "La Tirana". Its nickname alludes to the popular dance on which the first movement is based (the Spanish Tyrant). But it could also be related to the actress María del Rosario Fernández (1755-1803), known as La Tirana, who was portrayed by Goya on two occasions—the last one in 1794. Cuarteto Quiroga performs Boccherini's piece in front of Goya's canvas, placing on stage three key figures of Madrid's cultural life at the end of the 18th century. 

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