Canal March

Baroque passions

María Espada, soprano, and Nereydas. Javier Ulises Illán, conductor

Works by G. B. Pergolesi, J. Nebra, C. Avison and G. F. Händel

From kings and queens to magicians and sorceresses, the characters in 18th-century operas are immersed in plots in which the lack of control of their passions leads them to commit acts that deviate from what is considered right and just. Within this framework, this programme explores the passions of characters such as Orestes, Guinevere and Cleopatra through a selection of arias by José de Nebra and Georg Friedrich Händel. As a prologue, the Salve Regina by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi anticipates the request for redemption that leads to the subsequent emotional odyssey.

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