Canal March

Händel's Italian Cantatas

Xavier Sabata, countertenor, and Dani Espasa, harpsichord

Cantata “Dolc’ è pur d’amor l’affanno” HWV 109a, Cantata “Vedendo amor” HWV 175 and Cantata “Lungi da me, pensier tiranno” HWV 125b, by Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759)

The Italian style, molded during his stay in Italy (1706-1709), marked Händel's compositional essence. In the almost four years he was there, the German musician composed proportionally more music than in the rest of his life, mainly secular cantatas. Through this Arcadian-themed genre, Händel refined his style and delved into the keys of Italian melodicism that he would later apply in the operas he would premiere in London.

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