Canal March

Lilith, luna negra, chamber opera

David del Puerto, music; Mónica Maffía, text and stage direction; Alexis Soriano, musical direction; Joana Thomé da Silva, mezzo-soprano; Ruth González, soprano; and Enrique Sánchez Ramos, baritone

Lilith, luna negra, chamber opera with music by David del Puerto and text by Mónica Maffía.

According to a Hebrew tradition, Lilith was Adam's first wife. This legend, which develops a verse from Genesis ("male and female he created them"), describes her as an insubordinate woman, who flies away from Eden to avoid submitting to Adam, and links her to the world of night, magic and the moon. But today Lilith is also a symbol of the free and empowered woman. The richness and variety of this imaginary has inspired the chamber opera Lilith, luna negra, which is now premiering in Madrid. This initiative in the field of contemporary Spanish music joins the chamber opera productions performed at the Fundación Juan March in recent seasons.

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