Canal March

SPRING 2021. Upcoming lectures

The Fundación Juan March's 2021 Spring Lectures program begins with one talks and a dialogue around Luis Vives, the protagonist of the new biography in the Fundación Juan March's "Eminent Spaniards" collection. April continues with a series of six lectures on the history of maps, from Greek antiquity to the present day. In May, the writer and novelist José Martínez Ruiz "Azorín" will be portrayed in two lectures. A series of six lectures will analyze—from an interdisciplinary perspective—the Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations. Interviews will feature, in that order, José María Yturralde, María Ángeles Durán and Isabel Coixet, and the debate sessions of La cuestión palpitante will deal with topics such as federalism in Europe and droughts and floods.