Canal March

Brundibár: a children opera in a concentration camp. 

Pequeños Cantores de la JORCAM. Ana González, musical direction. Tomás Muñoz, stage direction

Brundibár, children's opera in two acts, with music by Hans Krása (1899-1944) and text by Adolf Hoffmeister (1902-1973). Terezín version (1943), piano score.

In 1942 Hans Krása was unable to bring the score of the opera Brundibár [The Bumblebee] to Terezín and had to rewrite it in the concentration camp. The work was performed there more than fifty times, helping to convey a sense of "normalcy" to the children. On this occasion, stage director Tomás Muñoz, alongside the opera, projects scenes from the Nazi propaganda documentary about Terezín—featuring the children who performed the work and would later be murdered—accompanied by music composed in the ghetto by other composers such as Viktor Ullman, Karel Svenk and Ilse Weber.

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