Canal March

Think like a Greek, fight like a Trojan and die like a Roman

Arturo Pérez-Reverte in conversation with Sergio Vila-Sanjuán

Writer and academic Arturo Pérez-Reverte converses with journalist Sergio Vila-Sanjuán about his heroes and heroines, the open-ended finales of his novels and other features of his storytelling. A scar on his hand reminds him of an anonymous soldier’s generosity in one of the many armed conflicts he covered as a reporter, and he uses this to highlight the dignity of individual heroes who remain true to themselves. He champions instinct, "sang-froid", and the importance of being a good reader as essential ingredients in writing. He says he is happy when writing, happy when he travels to the settings of his novels, and also when he settles down in his library, "living" a thousand lives through his novels and feeling accompanied by the people who read them. His ideal in life? "Think like a Greek, fight like a Trojan and die like a Roman".

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