Canal March

WINTER 2014. Upcoming Lectures

The series Cities in Mediterranean Antiquity opens the 2014 lecture program. Figures from the Old and New Testaments reflects on Moses, David, Isaiah, Jesus of Nazareth, Paul of Tarsus and the four Gospels. Other figures, such as Fanny Mendelssohn, Coco Chanel, Galileo Galilei and George Sand, will beanalysed in further series presented by Consuelo Díez, Joana Bonet, José Manuel Sánchez Ron and Anna Caballé, respectively. In art, Miguel Falomir paints a portrait of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Josef Albers will be the subject of another two lectures.
Language and literature are present in their double creative and critical facet.
Poetry with Pere Gimferrer, Clara Janés and the analysis of Shakespeare’s sonnets by Ángel-Luis Pujante with the actors Tristán Ulloa y Elvira Mínguez. An autobiographical reflection by Francisco Rico, in conversation with José-Carlos Mainer and the series Spanish Dictionaries throughout History, presented by Pedro Álvarez de Miranda, rounds off these areas.
Theatre and music form part of the program in the guise of Mario Gas and Jordi Savall.
Roberto Verino and Joan Matabosch are some of the guests in Conversations at the Foundation with Antonio San José.
Critical reflection focusing on very different themes and periods, such as the European context from World War I to the present day and political power in Spain, forms the basis of series entrusted to José Luis García Delgado and Araceli Mangas, and the Philosophy Seminar by José Luis Villacañas.
In January, Manuela Mena, Elías Díaz and Enrique Gimbernat will be Íñigo Alfonso’sguests in Memories of the Foundation.
In January, David Trueba will present Go West, by Buster Keaton, the next film in the silent-film comedy series that will continue until May.
These are just some of the proposals of the Fundación Juan March’s lecture program for January-May 2014.