Canal March

Educational concert: Ways to dance the music

Alfredo García Serrano, violin, and Gerardo López Laguna, piano.
Polo Vallejo, presenter

Works by F. Kreisler, J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, F. Chopin, P. Sarasate, H. Wieniawski, M. de Falla and C. Gardel

The objective of this educational concert, which formed part of the series Educational Concerts for Young People, is to stimulate the listener’s musical and aesthetic experience. Guided by the presenter’s explanations, the concert describes a group of works for violin and piano originally conceived as part of certain dances. Consequently, their rhythm, form and length were conditioned by the corporal movements they guided: from the minuet to the waltz, and the gavotte to the tango. The Teaching Guide accompanying this concert is available at: