Canal March

Nuria Nuñez's Imágenes desde el desierto

Taller Sonoro: Jesús Sánchez Valladares, flute; Camilo Irizo, clarinet; Alejandro Tuñón, violin; María del Carmen Coronado, cello & Ignacio Torner, piano

Imágenes desde el desierto, for clarinet, cello and piano by Nuria Núñez (1980)

Literary elements taken from Italo Calvino and Mahmoudan Hawad underlie Nuria Núñez’s Imágenes desde el desierto (2010). The piece is divided into seven sections that provide different views of the same expression of sound: from the initial fragility (sections I-III) to the concretion of “real” sounds (sections IV-V), returning to the original gesture (sections VI and VII) after this frenzy.

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