Canal March

Turina's Quintet in G minor

Quiroga Quartet (Aitor Hevia, violin; Cibrán Sierra, violin; Josep Puchades, viola and Helena Poggio, cello) and Enrique Bagaría, piano

Piano Quintet in G minor Op. 1, by Joquín Turina

The Piano Quintet Op. 1 represents a turning point in Turina’s career, not only because he decided to allocate the first opus number to it in his official catalogue (discarding numerous earlier works), but because it was his first major work from his Paris period (1905-13). Premiered in May 1907 with considerable success, the work forms part of the tradition of César Franck and reflects a solid grasp of form, a wealth of musical ideas and a wide array of genuine chamber-music textures, which are enhanced in this dense performance, full of nuances.

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