Canal March

Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky, for children

Ksenia Dyachenko, piano

“Napolitan song” from Album for the Young Op. 39 by Piotr Tchaikovsky; “Polka” from Dances for the Puppets by Dimitri Shostakovich

It is probably no coincidence that over the last two centuries almost all of the most significant Russian composers have composed works for children. These works form part of the basis of the prodigious Russian piano school. This concert, which can be heard in its entirety in our digital recording library Música en vivo (Live Music), consists of an anthology of Russian works for children, beginning with Tchaikovsky’s Children’s Album, op. 39, still aesthetically romantic, and concluding with composers active during the mid-twentieth century, with Shostakovich as the main protagonist.

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