Canal March

Uri Caine and improvisation in jazz

Uri Caine and Juan Claudio Cifuentes

This video, presented by Juan Claudio Cifuentes, proposes an introduction to improvisation as practised in this musical genre. The syncretic nature of jazz is reflected in Caine’s performance, using both works by classical composers (Bach, Mozart, Mahler) and jazz standards (Misty, Summertime, My Favourite Things) to develop his creations. The pianist also offers a journey through the different styles and techniques of improvisation in the history of jazz. Using the jazz standard Honeysuckle Rose, Caine devises examples of stride dance music (a style characteristic of the 1920s and 30s), bebop (1940s), modal improvisation (1960s), funky (with influences from gospel music) and free jazz (popular in recent decades). 

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