Canal March

Nostalgia of the madrigal

Coro de la Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid. Pedro Teixeira, director

20th-Century Madrigals

The madrigal was subjected to various retrospectives throughout the twentieth century, particularly in the Anglo-Saxon world in the form of Madrigal dinners (an entertaining form of dinner theatre often held during the Christmas season and performed at certain universities). This longing for the past is manifest in different manners depending on the composer. While Thea Musgrave modernizes contrapuntal techniques typical of Renaissance madrigals, Morten Lauridsen directly uses texts from the Italian Renaissance. In turn, Eric Whitacre alludes to subject matter from this period (Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines) and renews some of the elements that characterized “madrigalism”, that is, word painting or reflecting the meaning of the text in sound.

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