Canal March

Almost a romantic fantasy: improvising in the style of…

Emilio Molina, piano

Improvisations in the style of Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms and Scriabin

This video captures the concert given by Emilio Molina as part of the series titled Improvised Forms of Music in history. The program imitated the most common practices and techniques used during Romanticism, based on the styles of four composers of the period: a Sonata quasi una fantasia in the style of Beethoven, a Nocturne in the style of Chopin, a Ballade in the style of Brahms and Three Poems in the style of Scriabin but with influences by Liszt and Chopin. In all cases, the initial melody was derived from notes provided by members of the audience. The recital concluded with an improvisation of a Song without Words in the style of Mendelssohn, inspired by the poem Oda a la vida retirada (Ode to Retirement) by Fray Luis de León, as suggested by one of the listeners in the hall.

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