Canal March

Presentation of M (1931)

Fernando Méndez-Leite

Fritz Lang’s "M" (1931) represents a clear example of the transition between silent cinema and modern cinema; being the first film in which the German director, representative of the silent cinema, provides heard speech (his first talking picture. One of the central characters in silent films was Dr. Mabuse, of whom Lang played three films; the last one corresponds to the 60’s. Lang was skilled on black cinema and realism, American style and “special effects”; he reflected these ideas on this film "M". Other aspects which the director handles within "M" are: randomness and unavoidable impulses, which affect the murderer and all the social groups that hunt him (policemen, criminals and trampers). Finally the film "M" corresponds to a documentary, extracted from a series of real and contextual events which try to make the audience aware of the dilemma between the fair and the unfair.

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