Canal March

The History of Lied: Poetic Obsession

Luis Gago: presenter. Marta Mathéu, soprano; Günter Haumer, barotine and Roger Vignoles, piano

Works by H. Wolf

The History of Lied in seven concerts. (IV) Poetic Obsession. In 1888, Hugo Wolf went through a period of feverish creative activity that resulted in the composition of the 53 Lieder forming his monumental cycle Mörike-Lieder. These songs, based on texts by the poet Eduard Mörike (1804-1875), are based on themes ranging from love to eroticism and satire. This video provides some of the keys to understanding Hugo Wolf’s “poetic obsession” (his mental instability, admiration for Wagner, search from originality) in Luis Gago’s explanations and includes a selection from the Mörike-Lieder performed by Marta Mathéu (soprano), Günter Haumer (baritone) and Roger Vignoles (piano).

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