Canal March

Quartet no 1 in G major by Ruperto Chapí

Cuarteto Arriaga (Rodrigo Bauzá, violín; Adrien Jurkovic, violín; Miguel Ángel Lucas, viola y Damien Ventula, violonchelo)

Ruperto Chapí, String Quartet nº 1 in G major

Ruperto Chapí’s String Quartet No. 1 in G major was premiered in Madrid precisely a century ago. An established zarzuela composer, around 1903 Chapí was going through a difficult patch due to the failure of his operas and the crisis in the género chico. His first attempt at composing a quartet met with enthusiastic reactions, but also led to a polemic questioning whether or not Chapí’s work was national. In any case, his quartet fuses the formal elements characteristic of this genre with material borrowed from popular dance forms such as the habanera, the zapateado, the zortzico and the jota.

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