Canal March

Romantic Music on the Fortepiano

Tony Millán, fortepiano

Impromptu en E flat major Op. 90 nº 2, D. 899/2, by Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert owned a five-octave Graf fortepiano, hence performing his music on an instrument liked that used for this recording is particularly appropriate. A copy of the 1819 Graf fortepiano (made by Paul McNulty in 2008) was used for this concert. The Impromptu in E-Flat Major, composed in 1827, was so named by the publisher Tobias Haslinger, who published a set of four Schubert pieces as the Impromptus Op. 90. The work is of an improvisatory nature with two clearly distinct sections, which are defined by both their contrasting keys and the register of the keyboard explored.

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