Canal March

Medieval Virtuosity in a Duo

Eloqventia: Alejandro Villar, recorder and David Mayoral, percussion

Belicha, Mot me tenc ben per paguatz, Tierche Estampie Roial o Pollorum Regina

In this video, performances by Alejandro Villar and David Mayoral (Eloqventia) are interspersed with their own explanations about instruments of medieval origins. Among them are several stringed instruments, such as the psaltery and the symphonia (hurdy gurdy), other percussion instruments such as the pandero, the tambourine and the riq and, finally, woodwinds instruments including the recorder, the blowing horn, the albogue and the double flute. All of these instruments can be heard in medieval works such as Belicha, Mot me tenc ben per paguatz, La Tierche Estapmie Royal and Pollorum Regina, the latter from the Llivre Vermell de Montserrat.

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