Canal March

César Franck's Sonata para violín y piano

Leticia Moreno, violin and Graham Jackson, piano

Violin Sonata in A major by César Franck

“At Christmas, I visited Lily for two weeks […] We played music as if we were starved for it”. These words, taken from Paul Klee’s Diaries, attest to the passion the artist (who was also a violinist) shared with his wife, the pianist Lily Stumpf. The couple often performed music at home and this is reflected in the concert Klee and Lily, Domestic Music, an excerpt of which is given in this video. César Franck, one of the composers Klee admired, composed this Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major in 1886, which the artist performed in private settings. Divided into four movements, it is characterised by it lyricism and the use of cyclical resources, ensuring the work’s unity.

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