Canal March

Educational concert: Paintings that Sound

Enrike Solinís, vihuela, baroque, classic and electric guitar. Presenter: Polo Vallejo

Works by A. Mudarra, L. de Narváez, L. de Milán, G. Sanz, S. de Murcia, F. Sor, F. Tárrega and J. Rodrigo

A journey through five centuries of music for the guitar is possible, as this video shows, with the presentation of the educational concert Paintings that Come to Life in Sound: From the Vihuela to the Electric Guitar, which is aimed at primary- and secondary-school students. The recital, presented by Polo Vallejo and performed by the guitarist Enrike Solinís, combines explanations with musical and iconographical examples to help place listeners in the social context in which the different works were composed. Among them are several examples of music for the vihuela, Baroque guitar, Classical guitar and electric guitar from the sixteenth century to the present day. As a complement to this concert, a Teaching Guide prepared by Pepe Rey and Juan Dionisio Martín is available on the Fundación’s web page in PDF, HTML and ePub formats (