Canal March

Educational concert: Poetry in music

Mercedes Arcuri, soprano & Borja Mariño, piano. Presenter: Fernando Palacios

This video consists of the educational concert Poetry in Music, presented by Fernando Palacios and performed by Mercedes Arcuri, soprano and Borja Mariño, piano. The recital, aimed at primary- and secondary-school students, features a selection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century songs in Spanish and was designed to demonstrate the resources composers use to transmit the ideas and metaphors present in literary texts using sounds. The authors of the texts are representative of different periods and nationalities, and include Quevedo, Bécquer, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Alberti, María Lejárraga, Borges and Antonio Gala, among others. The presentation is accompanied by explanations, musical examples and illustrations. As a complement to this concert, a Teaching Guide prepared by Pepe Rey and Juan Dionisio Martín is available on the Fundación’s web page in PDF, HTML and ePub formats (